To be able to keep STOREE free for you, we might place so-called “affiliate links” in the App. These links may be links to a store, product or service, and may be located anywhere in the App.

When you click on an affiliate link, STOREE may share the information that you clicked on the link with so-called “affiliate networks”, as you will then be redirected via the affiliate network’s website. The affiliate network might use cookies or similar technologies to track that you clicked on the link, in order to calculate a potential commission to us if you place an order in the store. The affiliate networks may process your personal data in line with their own privacy policies.

The commission we may collect does not affect your purchase price.

We currently work with the following affiliate networks:

  • Awin. Awin’s ability to use and share information is restricted by the Awin Privacy Policy.

If you have questions on our use of affiliate networks, you can contact us:

Last updated: May 2021