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STOREE in Google Play
STOREE in Google Play

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What our beta testers think:

“I don’t know why anybody hasn’t invented this but it’s such an awesome little helper to me and I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to test it. I never want to miss it. ❤️

Leona, STOREE tester

“I love STOREE! It’s genius and saves me a lot of time and nerves. You guys did an amazing job! I can’t even remember how online shopping was before STOREE!”

Jenny, STOREE tester

“With STOREE, I get the full overview of what and where I ordered. All that with just one click without having to spend hours on searching in my mailbox or my payment accounts. This is a huge relief to me!”

Jennifer, STOREE tester

“THANK YOU for this app. I was not aware that I needed STOREE but now I cannot imagine living without it!”

Lene, STOREE tester
STOREE Order overview

Your Online Shopping Companion

Download the new STOREE app and get organized.

  • See and manage all your orders in one single overview.
  • Always be up to date about all your deliveries, payments, returns and refunds.
  • Never lose overview of your online shopping again.

We Got You

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “What’s that? I didn’t order anything… or did I actually?” when the doorbell rang? Whileonline shopping is easy and convenient, it sometimes requires organizational effort and time to keep track of everything: What did I order again? When is it coming? Where do I pick it up?

With STOREE, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

What, when, where? - STOREE's got you.
STOREE Order overview

Shop Your Way

STOREE supports ALL online retailers.

You shop, STOREE organizes. Period.

No matter where you shop, how you pay and who delivers, STOREE bundles everything in one overview.


Read Fewer Emails

With STOREE, you get a shopping email address that you can use at any retailer’s checkout. What does that mean for you?

  • These orders show immediately in STOREE and update to the latest status.
  • You don’t have to check your shopping-related emails because STOREE does that for you now, and displays them to you in a sleek overview.
Your personal STOREE shopping email

Download STOREE

STOREE in Google Play
STOREE in Google Play

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