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Be organized

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “Who could that be? I didn’t order anything… or did I?” when the doorbell rang? Shopping online is easy, convenient and sometimes a welcomed guilty pleasure. But often it requires remarkable organizational effort and time to keep track of everything around one single order.

The masses of e-mails received for one purchase are overwhelming and can reach up to 40-50 for one single order. Why take care of it yourself, when you can let someone else do it? Don’t ever lose overview again by using STOREE.

Be on top

Stop scheduling calendar reminders for your shipments and returns. Never forget a payment. Trash the Excel spread sheets you’ve used to keep track. Don’t try remembering which shop you bought this one gift from last year. Don’t waste time searching for a tracking number. Your time is simply too precious.

Let STOREE do that for you.

Save time

Say goodbye to searching your mailbox to organize your online shopping. STOREE shows you everything important about your online purchases in one single place – regardless of where you shopped from. Download the STOREE app and have a convenient online shopping overview at your fingertips, at all times.

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“With STOREE, I get the full overview of what and where I ordered. All that with just one click without having to spend hours on searching in my mailbox or my payment accounts. This is a huge relief to me!”
Jennifer, STOREE beta tester
“I don’t know why anybody hasn’t invented or realised this before but it’s such an awesome little helper to me and I’m very grateful that you gave me the chance to test it out. I never want to miss it. ❤️”
Leona, STOREE beta tester
“I love that you developed an app for a problem I didn’t even know I had! Did it annoy me that I had to maintain a checklist when I had several orders going on at the same time? Yes! But I only realized how annoying it really was when I started using STOREE and thought: Wow! Thank you for getting rid of this annoyance for me!”
Ann-Kathrin, STOREE beta tester

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