The STOREE team is always here to help you and answer your questions. Some questions pop up more frequently than others which is why we list them here. If you cannot find the answer you’re looking for, reach out to us anytime.


What is STOREE?
STOREE is a mobile application that helps online shoppers keep overview of everything around their orders such as the current status on payment, delivery and return. It consolidates online purchases from all different online stores in one single, intuitive and clear overview. This way, shoppers always stay on top of their online shopping game.
How does STOREE work?
STOREE receives the information for the overviews from the shoppers’ emails. These are for example order confirmations, delivery updates and payment confirmations.
Is STOREE available to the public?
After extensive beta testing rounds with our amazing beta testing community, STOREE officially launched mid of 2021 and is now publicly available for download. Yay!
In which regions is STOREE available?
STOREE is available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingom and Ireland. We are working hard to expand in more regions to simplify online shoppers’ lives around the world.
Is STOREE available both on iOS and Android?
Yes, STOREE is supported on iOS and Android.
Is using STOREE free of charge?
Yes, downloading and using STOREE is free of charge for users. If we add paid premium features in the future, we will always clearly communicate this to you first.
Who is behind STOREE?
eigenlinks is the Eindhoven-based startup behind STOREE. Learn more about eigenlinks and the founders here or on our Instagram account. We’re a fun and very enthusiastic team of computer engineers, data scientists and analysts, marketing and sales professionals who decided to build a product that solves online shoppers’ painful problems. And of course, we are all vivid and experienced online shoppers ourselves since the early beginnings of ecommerce when sending cash in an envelope was a real payment option.


How does STOREE generate the overviews?
Using machine learning and natural language processing techniques, STOREE reads out the relevant data from shopping-related emails and offers them to you in a sleek and clean overview. STOREE also links events such as a delivery emails to the according orders. This way, you never have to dive into your mailbox anymore to find information such as tracking number or payment status, instead you’ll have them at one glance in STOREE.
How do I allow STOREE access to my shopping-related emails?
Currently there are two methods how to share shopping emails with STOREE:

1. Every STOREE user receives a personal STOREE email address ending on “”. Use this email when shopping in online shops. You can do this when creating new accounts, using guest checkout or change existing customer accounts to your STOREE email address.

2. Activate an automatic forward from your primary email address to your new STOREE email address. STOREE will receive all your emails but automatically recognizes which ones are related to online shopping and neglect the rest. You are not sure how to do it? Check out some short explanations from your email provider:

Will I still receive the original emails when I use my STOREE email in shops?
Yes. You always set up a primary email address in STOREE. All emails that are sent to your STOREE email address will be automatically and instantly forwarded to your primary email address so you always have the original emails.
Where do I find my primary email address?
In “Profile” you can find and edit the primary email address you set. Here you can also find and copy/paste your STOREE email address to use in online shops.
How can I try out STOREE?
If you are not sure how STOREE will help you, forward an order confirmation email to your address to see the magic happening. You can try forwarding another email related to this order (such as tracking or payment emails) and see what happens. This way, you will get a taste of how STOREE can help you keep overview if you use your STOREE email to directly order from online shops.
I downloaded STOREE. What now?
Great you did! Now you can start using your STOREE email address when you shop in an online shop, and see STOREE tidying the mess up for you and delivering the important information on the order in a sleek overview. All orders made with your STOREE email address will from now on appear in your STOREE order overview.
Is STOREE only available in English?
Currently yes. We are mainly investing resources in improving functionality, stability and user experience at this moment. Translations will definitely come in the future. The first ones planned are German and Dutch, so stay tuned for that.
Is my data secure with you?
We value and always put your privacy first. We do not share your data with third parties and always treat it confidentially. All your data is stored encrypted, using AES-256 encryption. Learn more in “Privacy Policy” in the STOREE app.


My order overview is empty, how do I fill it?
Start filling your overview with orders by using your STOREE email address to shop in online shops. You can also change your current email address to your STOREE email address in shops you already shop from. Alternatively, you can also manually forward an order confirmation email to your STOREE email address to see it appearing in your overview.
I see incorrect/incomplete information/status in STOREE.
STOREE knows only as much as you share with the app and therefore needs a little bit of your help to grow smart. If you for example do not share an email on tracking information, the app cannot update the status accordingly. Make sure STOREE receives all emails related to an order for a complete and smooth user experience.

Emails from online shops sometimes unfortunately do not contain certain information such as payment method, details on single items, addresses or product pictures in the first place. In such cases, STOREE unfortunately can also not display them for you as STOREE cannot know more than the emails contain.

I use auto-forwarding to STOREE but still some orders are not shown. Why is that?
The base of every order is the order confirmation. This is the email that STOREE receives all important information from. STOREE can only show complete order information and update statuses for all orders that were placed after you connected STOREE to your primary email inbox.
How long does it take for an order or event to show in STOREE?
Not more than a couple of minutes max!
I am changing my device, how can I continue using STOREE on my new smartphone?
If you wish to use STOREE on your new smartphone, download it from the app store and login with your login data. Have your old device at hand as a pop-up will show and ask you to confirm the new device. Confirm this on your old phone and you are good to continue using STOREE on your new smartphone!
Can I use STOREE on multiple devices?
What is a recovery key and what do I need it for?
How do I report bugs?
In “Settings” you can file bug reports directly to our engineering team. You can also send us screenshots of errors via the chat on our website or via email to support(at) By doing so, you significantly contribute to improving STOREE which makes us happy campers developers.


I love STOREE! How can I help?
If you’re a happy STOREE user and think that more people should benefit from this solution, spread the word to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and every other shopaholic you meet!
I have feature requests for STOREE!
That’s brilliant if you have wishes, ideas or suggetions for the app. Send them right our way and we might get in contact with you so you can evaluate on why STOREE needs this!
How do I contact you?
Reach out to our team using the chat on this website, or via any of the social media buttons on top of this page. You can also send us an email to my(at)