Which Online Shopper are you?

Take the ultimate test here to find out which type of online shopper you are. Get a pencil and paper, and give yourself one point for every statement that is true for you. Add up the points and get the result.

What Online Shopper are you?

1 You frequently shop from more than just one shop.

2 You exceed your monthly shopping budget by 2-5x or even more. Alternative reaction: Shopping budget?! In both cases, reward yourself a point.

3 The mailman rings and you have no idea what he’s delivering because you forgot you bought it. And you Corona-proof fist-bump him, ask how his kids are and offer him a coke.

4 You issue five different orders but their total value is 100€ or less.

5 In time of sales, it’s difficult for you to hold back because of the good deals. And there is always some sale going on. Oh the burden!

6 You save your energy for the annual ritual of going berserk on Black Friday. And you find it sort of stimulating, too.

7 Sometimes you fill your basket for hours with no intention to purchase, close the shop window and still feel happy and accomplished.

8 You have DHL, UPS, FedEx, DPD, GLS and Hermes accounts even though you don’t really like any of them… but you do need them!

9 Last time you entered a brick & mortar shop for a shopping spree, you paid in Deutsche Mark or Nederlandse gulden.

10 You don’t write shopping lists. You straight click the “Buy now” button every time you need something.

11 Your mailbox contains more shipping update emails than emails from your Mom. Or in fact, from anybody else.

12 You schedule your agenda around the time the mailman comes to make sure not to miss him.

13 You have forgotten to pay at least one open invoice in the past (it’s okay – we’ve all been there!).

14 You have so many empty boxes at home that you built your cat a proper life-size cardboard fortress.

15 Your Christmas present list includes your mailman and all neighbours that regularly bring your parcels.

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